Carl Heffy


Patient complaints: Carl presented with 2 broken teeth at the gingival line, a root infected tooth, rotated teeth and without a lateral incisor. This is abnormal because the canine was in the lateral incisor position.


Treatment plan: Carl required 2 broken tooth extractions, 2 dental implants and full mouth crowns to protect his teeth and solve his bite issues.

2 Megagen® dental implant

2 Tooth extraction
1 abscess clean

5 Root canal treatment

28 Zirconia crowns


Treatment time: 3 months


Result: On Carl’s first visit, he had a root treatment to solve his tooth ache and removed 2 broken teeth. A small infection was found around the absorbed broken tooth on the x-ray. However, during surgery the infection was found to be much larger than appeared on the 2D x-ray. So it was cleaned and bone graft was needed in this area. 2 Megagen® dental implants were placed on the bottom molar area. On Carl’s second visit, he required a few root canals as he developed sensitivity on several teeth. 1 bridge was placed on the bottom jaw right side over the implants, and another bridge was placed on the bottom jaw left side from premolar to molar tooth. Carl then had 28 zirconia crowns to complete his smile makeover.

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