Patient complaints: Michael came to dentares complaining that he cannot chew foods. His posterior (back) teeth had several restorations but ultimately the bone structure around them was being absorbed by the body. All posterior teeth were loose. Thankfully there was enough healthy bone around his anterior (front) teeth to keep these and use as support for a full arch zirconia prosthesis.


Treatment plan: Michael needed the posterior teeth removed and 2 implants placed on either side, top and bottom. Michael received 8 implants total. Michael required implants to suppress the advancing bone loss and provide support for a full set of zirconia bridges.

5 extractions

8 Global D implant

24 Zirconium crown


Treatment time: 3 months


Result: Michael had 4 implants per jaw, placed at the posterior positions so that he could finally improve his quality of life. He is now able to chew hard foods again like bread and steak. Michael had a confidence and aurora that made staff laugh. Dentares welcome Michael to the family.

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