Patient complaints: Viktorija presented with missing teeth in the posterior (back) region, teeth decay on anterior (front) and posterior teeth, discolouration, and upper anterior teeth were not positioned correctly and mis-angled.


Treatment plan: Viktorija required fillings on decayed teeth, an implant on the lower posterior molar and a bridge on the upper right second premolar.

1 Global D® dental implant

5 Tooth fillings

27 Zirconia crowns


Treatment time: 3 months


Result: Viktorija had some minor upper anterior positional and angular issues that were quickly resolved with her smile makeover. Decayed teeth were able to be properly prepared and crowned to further protect them from future decay. Viktorija’s bone structure was healthy and implant treatment was very quick. She was able to have 27 teeth crowned in her first visit and upon a second visit has taken a final crown on top of the applied implant.

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