Patient complaints: Fidan presented with discoloured and bruxism-affected teeth. Other than the grinding, Fidan had no other functional abnormalities. Fidan came to Dentares seek a smile makeover.


Treatment plan: Fidan’s oral condition was examined and Emax crowns were recommended for full mouth smile makeover. Crowns were the best option to provide more structural strength against the bruxism. Masseter botox injection was administered to immediately stop the bruxism.

Masseter botox

26 Emax crowns


Treatment time: 5 days


Result: Fidan had no functional abnormalities such as misaligned teeth, missing teeth, and had a class 1 (normal) bite. Which made her a very suitable candidate for Emax crowns. Fidan selected a natural shape smile design with BL2 colour. The second highest white bleach shade.

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