Smile Makeover in Turkey

A Smile Makeover in Turkey includes all dental procedures that change, restore and enhance a healthy smile. Age, wear and tear, hobbies, diet and hormonal changes can affect our smile

The Dentares’ Smile Team is committed to treating all oral health ailments, and delivering a confident smile.

With the latest technologies, equipment and Antalya’s most skilled Doctors this is possible at an affordable price compared to Western Europe and the UK.

Smile Makeover Turkey

A Smile Makeover in Turkey includes all dental procedures that change, restore and enhance a healthy smile. Age, wear and tear, hobbies, diet and hormonal changes can affect our smile. The Dentares’ Smile Team is committed to treating all oral health ailments, and delivering a confident smile. With the latest technologies, equipment and Antalya’s most skilled Doctors this is possible at an affordable price compared to Western Europe and the UK. Our doctors assess the patients facial features, teeth alignment, bite closure and oral condition to ensure a unique smile, always. Treatments that are included to smile makeovers are:

Dental Implants in Turkey

Implants are a great surgical option conducted by our specialized Maxillofacial Surgeon to close missing gaps in patients’ smiles. Dentares uses 4 different brands of titanium-alloy implants which makes them biocompatible and free of allergen complications. Implants have an immediate loading capacity, allowing them to be placed immediately in the socket of an extracted tooth. So, patients can present with numerous wobbling teeth that can be extracted and implants placed in the one visit. Patients also look to the all-on-4 or all-on-6 implant denture system. This is when all natural teeth are removed due to ill health and replaced with 4 or 6 implants per jaw and a fixed denture. Additional treatments like bone graft, sinus lifting and abscess control visit our dental implant page.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Crowns are a commonly sought-after cosmetic option covering the whole natural tooth to correct shape, colour, length, and damage. If a tooth is damaged, cracked, has a cavity or pain or sensitivity is present; a root treatment may be required before crowning the natural tooth. Read our endodontics page for more info.There are a variety of materials such as porcelain, zirconia and Emax that each offer differing qualities. Porcelain is the most common and fragile of the materials used but has a great translucency imitating our natural tooth enamel making it a great budget-friendly option. Zirconia is a biocompatible metal with a medium-low translucency and has the highest durability of all available materials. Emax is a glass-ceramic that has the highest translucency providing the most natural and aesthetic smile. Which is why it attracts a higher price tag. Crowns are usually placed individually however, when placed in sets; provide greater durability, increase lifetime and prevent the teeth from shifting position over time. Visit our dental crown page for more details.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Veneers are a common cosmetic option bonded to the front of teeth to correct shape, colour, length, and damage. Very similar to the dental crown, veneers only cover the aesthetic side (front) of teeth, whereas a crown covers the entire tooth. Veneers require less shaving and preparation to the natural tooth than crowns. If you’re wondering if crowns or veneers are the best option for you, consider veneers to correct smaller shape, colour, length, and damage issues. If in doubt, please contact our dental team on social media or WhatsApp to discuss your options. Visit our dental veneer page for more details.

Gum Contouring in Turkey

Contouring of the gums is a great option for patients with a gummy smile, or an uneven gum line. Using local anesthesia and the latest laser technologies, this procedure is quick and painless. For more details about gum contouring and results, visit our gum contouring page.

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Age, medications, stain-causing food & beverages and smoking turn our natural teeth colour yellow, grey and brown. Teeth whitening is a quick and safe method to bring out our natural white smile. Laser teeth whitening is available at our clinic for sessions upto 45 minutes. For more information on the teeth whitening process, visit our teeth whitening page.

Orthodontics in Turkey

Patients looking to correct mild tooth position and alignment issues should consider orthodontics if they aren’t interested in dental crowns or veneers. Or even if patients are interested in crowns/veneers, they can correct position issues first before having crowns/veneers. Orthodontics would be the only solution to patients with severe tooth position and alignment issues. Dentares has an Orthopedic dentist to take care of any dental abnormalities, crooked teeth and bite issues. Traditional braces and invisalign are available at Dentares and if you want more information about how we can help, visit our orthodontics page here(insert link here)

How is Smile Makeover performed?

Smile makeovers combine a number of dental procedures and artistic passion. This is why it’s not also important to find a skilled doctor but also to find a doctor who is passionate and artistic in their aesthetic capabilities. Dentares Smile Clinic is where art and science meet.

Your doctor will firstly take an x-ray to assess your suitability and procedures required in your smile makeover. There’s no point in renovating a kitchen if the floorboards are falling apart. From this metaphor, it’s so important to firstly evaluate your bone structure, gum and tooth condition. It’s not uncommon for patients to require implants, extractions, and root treatments in order to set up the proper foundations for the patients to enjoy their smile makeover to the fullest.

Your aesthetic doctor will factor in a person’s facial features like chin structure, vertical facial symmetry, lip shape width and proportion, gender and patient expectations. Patients will often seek treatment from the very beginning with a preconceived idea of their finished smile makeover. Your doctor will of course factor in your requests and try their very hardest to achieve your expectations. However there are some limitations that can affect expectation vs reality that must be addressed. For example, jaw structure, tooth positions, genetic conditions and significant gum and bone loss can easily affect results outside the control of the doctor or patient.

Why do I need Smile Makeover treatment?

For medical, aesthetic and quality of life reasons. Having multiple missing teeth presents long term dental health deterioration issues. Long-term infections will constantly keep the immune system active and distracted from daily interaction with bacteria and viruses. Tooth rot will cause intense pains for the foreseeable future. Cracked, discolored, rotated, misaligned and out-of-place teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and dating options. People go years without enjoying the foods they enjoy, like a steak, apples, nuts, and dried fruits for example. (Victoria’s video link) A Smile Makeover can correct these issues and allow a patient to be healthy, happy and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Patients come to Dentares Smile Clinic seeking a smile makeover for many reasons. Whether it’s because they are sick of their dentures falling out, unbearable pains or sensitivity, or that they are tired of covering up their laugh or smile while out with friends due to embarrassment. All these reasons boil down to medical, aesthetic, mental and quality of life reasons. Some examples you may relate to are:

Long-term infections will constantly keep the immune system active and distracted from daily interaction with bacteria and viruses. Tooth rot will cause intense pains for the foreseeable future. Cracked, discolored, rotated, misaligned and out-of-place teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and dating options. People go years without enjoying the foods they enjoy; like a steak, apples, nuts, and dried fruits.

A Smile Makeover can correct these issues and allow a patient to be healthy, happy and enjoy a fulfilled life.

Is the Smile Makeover treatment permanent?

It’s fair to say that every treatment has a lifespan. Depending on the patients after-care, applied treatment and diet and lifestyle choices, patients can expect between 10-15 years enjoyment of their Smile Makeover.

For example, a root treatment is irreversible but an incredibly effective treatment to save the tooth and dissipate the pain. Implants provide and prolong structural integrity of the bone for 15-20 years. Large abscesses can be identified and surgically removed, preserving your bone structure and oral health. With a smile makeover you can live without that social anxiety you once had because of your oral condition.

What’s most important is the patients involvement in prolonging the lifetime of treatments involved in their smile makeover. Diet, lifestyle choices, certain medications, pregnancy and dental hygiene habits directly affect the treatments and general oral conditions. Ask your doctor about these topics to make healthy, educated lifestyle choices to improve your oral condition and hygiene.

How many sessions is the smile makeover in Turkey completed?

The average patient can expect 1-2 visits to Turkey for their smile makeover. There are some exceptions, but we will cover those below. A Smile Makeover needs to be considered in two parts, surgical and aesthetic. Upon the first visit to Turkey’s Dentares Smile Clinic, Our Chief Physician, Dr. Oykum Dilek will have a live consultation with you. In this consultation, he will assess your condition and discuss in detail your x-ray results and present to you a treatment plan.

If surgical intervention is required, such as: dental implants, sinus lifting, bone grafting and abscess removal. The patient can expect one appointment for surgery, two-three appointments for temporary denture building and testing, and one last appointment for a post-operative check up. All within a week’s time. The patient will need to return home for three to six months of recovery. It’s important that the bone has time to heal and fuse with the implants.

After healing, the patient can return for 7-10 days for aesthetic phase 2. Crowns or veneers are fitted to natural teeth and implants over 3-5 sessions. The natural teeth are prepared and impressions are taken. So our laboratory has a 3D model of your teeth. From these, the lab technicians craft the crowns/veneers from your chosen material. On your next appointment the doctor will test these on you. The doctor takes into account many factors in designing your new smile so the doctor makes slight modifications and allows the lab technicians to polish. This process repeats until the doctor declares that your new smile is perfected.

Factors that can affect the amount of visits it takes to complete your smile makeover include: abscesses aka infections in the bone, patient withholding relevant medical history, and patients not following their surgeon’s recovery advice for the 3-6 month healing period. The best thing patients can do to minimize unnecessary visits, is provide our Dentares dental team with medical history in advance and follow recovery protocol post-treatment.

Before Smile Makeover Treatment

Before flying to Turkey to receive your smile makeover, it’s best to contact our team about the logistics of your travel and to get an initial assessment of the expected treatments involved. It’s important to do this so that the patient is informed of the process and has an expectation about price.

Get in touch with our team and inform them about your medical history, dental photographs and x-rays, if available (This can be requested from your local clinic). Our team will confer with the doctors to develop your individual treatment plan, then quote it and inform you. Within 24 hours you will get a treatment plan, be informed of the process and ready to set your travel plans in motion.

On day 1, patients will arrive at Antalya (AYT) International Airport and be transported to our pre-arranged Boutique Hotel by our VIP transfer service. Patients will typically arrive in the late afternoon or night time, so they get familiar with the Hotel and a local restaurant mostly. Th

On the 2nd day we deliver you to the Dentares Smile Clinic with our VIP transfer service for a 30 minute appointment. You’ll complete a patient history and consent forms. Then our patient relations consultant will assist you with having an x-ray and bring you to the Head Physician, Dr. Öyküm for a live consultation. Here the doctor will discuss your x-ray results, assess your condition and provide you with an updated treatment plan. If you have any special requests, questions or expectations, we will discuss this here. After this, if you wish to move forward with the treatment plan, we will take payment by cash, credit or debit card. An appointment is made available for the patient after consultation if you wish to start treatment immediately.

Before photos are also requested of the patient following clinic policy. The patients are able to request before and after photos of their smile makeover. A videographer is available if the patient wishes to participate in vlogging their smile makeover transformation journey.

After Smile Makeover Treatment

Your Doctor has now completed your smile makeover. They’ve taken into account your face shape, jaw structure, nose, eye color, lip shape and fullness, facial symmetry, gender, bone structure, gum and teeth health. After photos are taken as clinic policy and patients are shown a mirror to witness their smile transformation. Your smile is now protected by Dentares. Your implants come with a life-time warranty and warranty passport. If implants fail, your surgeon will treat and replace your implants. And your crowns/veneers provided by Dentares are protected by a 2 -year guarantee. If the bonding fails, cracks appear or defects present. Dentures will take you back to the clinic and replace the crowns, so you can continue smiling with confidence.

It’s important for the patient to note that they have undergone major surgeries and treatments. So it is to be expected to experience pains, inflammation of the gums, and hot and cold sensitivity. Please allow up to a month to see your symptoms reduce and disappear.

You have a new smile, what now? The patient needs to be aware of some after-care responsibilities they need to habituate to protect and extend the lifetime of their treatments. Patients will often ask about dental hygiene techniques, and we can recommend: to avoid abrasive toothpastes marketed as whitening toothpastes. These often have micro abrasive materials designed to damage the natural enamel of the teeth for whitening purposes. Brands don’t matter too much, as long as you find one that contains fluoride and you’re comfortable using. Regular, once or twice a week flossing is a great habit to remove plaque and other build-ups. Dentists can recommend a hydroflosser. It uses jets of water instead of a flossing string. Start using non-alcoholic mouthwashes as research has been found that alcohol-containing mouthwashes affect the bonds of your crowns over time. A healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and calcium or consumed by supplements directly affects your bone quality and preservation. Especially through hormonal changes.

Treatments performed in Smile Makeover in Turkey

Your smile makeover consists of a combination of medical and aesthetic dentistry procedures. We can break these down to medical necessities and aesthetic enhancement treatments.

Medical treatments include:

Zygoma implants, dental implants, jaw augmentation, bone graft, sinus lift, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, abscess clean, root canal, root fiber post, fillings, and masseter botox injection.

Aesthetic treatments include:

Descale & polish, laser whitening, crowns, veneers, gum contouring, and lip contouring by botox & filler.

It’s important to note that not all treatments may be appropriate for you. Contact our team for a personalized treatment plan and ask them what treatments would apply to you.

Advantages of a Smile Makeover in Turkey

With a smile makeover, you can create the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. The advantages of a smile makeover are:

Getting your dream smile

Uplifted confidence

Natural healthy gums

Balanced white smile

A smile free of cracks and calcium deposits

Appropriate spaces between teeth

Overbite/underbite issues resolved

Increased attractiveness

Protection from tooth breaks and rot

Healthy oral hygiene

Better breath smell

A smile can improve the lives and mood of ourselves and the people around us. It has a lasting impact on our appearance, confidence, communication, and mental health. These aspects of life have an incredible influence on our relationships with people and ourselves, in turn making us happy. The first time the patient looks in the mirror once their smile makeover is complete, that belief starts to dawn. Because they know what it means for them.

Disadvantages of a Smile Makeover in Turkey

There is a perceived expectation a patient brings when they start treatment that they don’t inform us or it may not be possible realistically. In truth, there are certain facial and dental features doctors aren’t able to change. For example, scars, loss of bone structure, anatomical tooth position. For these reasons it’s always a good idea to discuss expectations with your doctors and come to an agreement of what is possible.

Patients can also have expectations about the prices of treatments involved. Due to the study and specialized focus in fields of medical and aesthetic dentistry, investment in expensive and sensitive equipment, specialized tools and typical business expenses. Smile makeovers command a respectable price. While very competitive with international prices, Turkey remains a hot spot for affordable dental treatment.

Dental treatments are not always included in public and private health insurance. Especially to international treatment. It’s best to research what you are entitled to first.

The lifetime for implants and aesthetic dentistry is at an industry standard of 10 to 15 years. For this reason, young people seeking smile makeovers may be required to renew their treatments and restorations in the future.

Patients accept responsibility to improve their dental hygiene habits for their lifetime. For the preservation of treatments, patients need to adopt regular brushing habits, flossing habits and dental check-ups. Patients may have the wrong impression that once they get a smile makeover they can continue with their old oral hygiene habits. In some cases they hold the clinic responsible. This is not correct. Please be sure to follow the doctor’s advice and recommendations towards after-care.

Is the smile Makeover different for men and women?

There are dental distinctions between male and female smile makeovers. Women have soft features like curved eyebrows, soft nose, a round jaw that distinguish feminine qualities. While men have pointed or pronounced features like a sharp jaw, adam’s apple, and facial hair. For these reasons, there is a parallel to the style design of men and women’s smile makeovers. Women will have more oval-shaped teeth with slightly pronounced front teeth. While men will have squarer, proportionally sized teeth.

Criteria to be considered while making smile makeover

There are many factors your Dentares doctor takes into account for your smile makeover. The goal is to create a healthy aesthetic natural smile. With emphasis on ‘natural’. Every patient has a smile and bite unique as a fingerprint. Therefore to make your smile unique, these factors are considered:

Medical history, medications used and using, gender, age, bone structure, tooth positioning, previous treatments, oral condition, x-ray & tomography results. And facial features: eye colour, skin colour, gum colour and health, lip shape and contour, oral scarring, and nose shape and size. It’s important to find a harmony between your unique features and your smile design.

Is Smile Makeover an expensive procedure?

Yes, all dental treatments are expensive and for good reason. As mentioned above, the doctors have undergone specialised study and experience, and dental practice requires specialised tools and equipment. When we compare Turkey’s prices to the UK, America and western Europe, treatment can be up to 70% cheaper. Making Dentares an attractive option for dental tourism.

Smile Makeover Prices in Turkey

Most tourists have never been to Turkey as it is still an underrated holiday destination. Thanks to its impressive historical significance and recent health tourism, Turkey is a growing hot spot for tourists. So if you plan on having dental work done in Turkey, what are the conditions of entry? Well, if you possess citizenship, valid visa, or residency permit of a Schengen country or the United Kingdom, then you don’t need an e-visa for entry. There are some exceptions and laws are updated and changed from time to time so also be sure to check the Turkish immigration website and your country’s foreign affairs website for updated information. Please also check in regards to current covid-19 rules and regulations of travel.

Because of the popularity of health tourism to Turkey and in particular, Antalya. Dentares boasts some of the most experienced and skilled dentists in the world. Dentares has 2 maxillofacial surgeons who have the capacity to perform major implant surgeries on 4 patients per day and often do, during summer periods. Our surgeons are performing at least 1 major surgery every day, year-round. To become a master of your craft, you must practice it daily. Other major countries do not have this capacity and so their skills are not as sharp as ours.

Smile Makeover Turkey prices

Dentares is proud to say that we are able to offer affordable treatments and smile makeovers compared to most 1st world countries. There is no set price for a smile makeover because every patient has unique needs and there are many treatments available that not every patient requires. You can get in contact with our social media team, email or directly contact our English speaking WhatsApp +90 537 496 15 15.

Will I be toothless while having a smile makeover treatment?

Smile makeover patients will always leave Turkey with temporary teeth provided complimentary. In the case that crowns are being applied to natural teeth, temporary crowns are provided immediately on the first day after the initial teeth preparation treatment. If a patient requires full jaw implants Dentares will provide a fixed or non-fixed prosthesis. Measurements are taken by impressions and the laboratory will provide them within 3 days. It’s important to us that our patients have aesthetic temporary teeth so they can return home with confidence.

How to determine the color of teeth in the treatment of smile makeover in Turkey?

Patients ultimately should be the ones who decide this. Some people prefer a Hollywood bleach white smile while others prefer a natural white smile. There are many colour options available to choose from. The doctor will be able to assist you in your decision and may also recommend you a colour based on your facial features.

Which Dental Problems Are Fixed After Smile Makeover in Turkey?

Patients can expect to resolve issues such as: gum deformities, pain and discomfort, balanced teeth colour, restored or replaced teeth and in some cases, minor orthopedic issues like teeth arrangement and wide teeth gaps. Smile makeovers have a profound effect on these dental problems.

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