Creating Beautiful Smiles Since 1999

Dentares started small, servicing Antalya’s community. With the rise of Health tourism to Turkey in recent years, it’s become apparent that our cause is not a local one, but a global initiative. Dentares is determined to be the number 1 most trusted clinic in the world. The founders of Dentares Smile Clinic believe that every person deserves a perfect smile and with our team of specialists, this is achievable.

Dentares’ story started when a few doctors were overwhelmed with too many patients local and from abroad. So they decided to take their private practice and transform it into a polyclinic that could serve all the needs of their patients with every branch of dentistry. Patients feel safe in our hands knowing that every treatment is performed by a specialist. The most challenging part of the transition was finding the right specialists to work together to accomplish Dentares’ mission. It is essential that patients feel like family from the moment they enter the clinic.

A founder of Dentares, Dr. Oykum, was the Head doctor in a major hospital for many years before running his own private practice. From this experience he learned that every staff member whether it be a doctor, nurse, or other needs to work together to be a functional team and provide the best service to our patients.

Dr. Oykum saw how the NHS was failing UK citizens and it was just a matter of time before 1 patient became 2, and so dental tourism snowballed into something larger. The success of dental tourism brought UK, Irish and US celebrities and influencers alike. Dentares today, continues to service Turkish and foreign patients with the utmost specialised care and warm-welcoming spirit. If you would like an online consultation and treatment plan, please get in touch with our dental team.

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