Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Dental lumineers are a great non-invasive restoration option for people seeking aesthetic improvement but not wishing to damage their teeth.

Dental lumineer smile makeover is a great option for people looking to correct their smile line, improve whiteness and replace damaged enamel.

Lumineers are made of a translucent ceramic with compressed strength to last 15 to 20 years. Translucency replicates the natural tooth enamel, keeping a natural looking smile

Dental Lumineers in Turkey

Dental lumineers are a great non-invasive restoration option for people seeking aesthetic improvement but not wishing to damage their teeth. Dental lumineer smile makeover is a great option for people looking to correct their smile line, improve whiteness and replace damaged enamel. Lumineers are made of a translucent ceramic with compressed strength to last 15 to 20 years. Translucency replicates the natural tooth enamel, keeping a natural looking smile. Lumineers are a quick and safe restoration with maximum cost-effectiveness.

What are dental Lumineers in Turkey?

Dental lumineers in Turkey are ultra thin aesthetic restorations that fit to the front of teeth with no tooth preparation required. The biggest concern with it comes to having dental crowns and veneers is the shaving of our natural teeth. The advantage of lumineers is that there is no shaving needed. They are also metal-free so they are suitable for patients with metal allergies.

Patients with small teeth, damaged enamel or an uneven smile line can best benefit from dental Lumineers in Turkey. Patients that have had a few teeth whitening treatments but just not reaching their desired shade of white can utilise dental lumineers.

Often patients can be left with long-term sensitivity after repeated use of teeth whitening and the enamel layer is left damaged. Enamel doesn’t grow back like soft tissue so enamel damage can be permanent. That’s why lumineers are a great option because they are applied to the affected enamel layer, protecting them for the future and increasing the whiteness.

Teeth of varying lengths can be unsightly and give the patient feelings of smile anxiety. They can also feel that they are not bad enough to start damaging their teeth with crowns or veneers. Lumineers are composed of a strong ceramic that does a very good job at replicating natural teeth. Therefore, patients can have a dental lumineer smile makeover in Turkey to fix their smile line and still feel like it’s their own natural smile.

What are dental lumineers made of?

Dental lumineers are made from ceramic, by compressing incredibly fine ceramic dust and firing in a specialised oven. It is achieved by compression method because the lumineer can be between 1-2mm thickness. Modern crowns and veneers are CAM-guided machine cut from small blocks.

How are dental lumineers applied in Turkey?

Dental lumineers give new confidence to patients who feel uncomfortable with their current smile. Lumineers are the least invasive restoration technique in dentistry today. Because lumineers are a non-prep solution, treatment time is subsequently quicker. Some veneer materials are metal based and can leave a greying gum line and a greyish undertone to the restoration. Lumineers don’t have this issue because they are 100% metal-free.

The doctors prepare a dental putty that self-hardens within a minute to take your unique dental impressions. An exact replica of your jaw is created and scanned by CAD technology into a 3D virtual model. The doctor and technicians are able to produce an aesthetically beautiful dental lumineer. The doctor trial-fits each dental lumineer to ensure a perfect fit and symmetrical symmetry is achieved. Curves and edges need to match up to the natural tooth’s gum line and tooth end. Once the doctor is happy with the rehearsal and no further changes are required. The doctor uses a transparent dental adhesive to apply the dental lumineers.

Lumineers only require 2-3 appointments during a 5 day week to complete. The smile makeover is complete without pain or damage to the natural tooth.

How many Dental Lumineers do you put on teeth?

Dental lumineers are able to be placed on all the front teeth. Patients can have 8 or 10 visible teeth in their smile line also depending on the genetic predisposition of patients, some can have 2 or even 4 premolars per jaw. Dentares is able to fit up to 20 lumineers depending on patients condition.

Am I suitable for dental lumineers?

Patients that have an open bite and class 1 & 2 bite are suitable for dental lumineers. Patients with these types of bites are less likely to clash their restorations in a way that would chip or break the lumineers. Patients may also wish to first have orthodontic treatment to fix bite issues before seeking dental lumineer treatment.

Dental lumineers are also a great option for patients with diastema (abnormally larger gaps between teeth), patients who are unable to improve the whiteness of their natural teeth. Slight teeth alignment deviation issues, uneven smile line, small chipping, the resizing of small lateral incisors and fractured or cracked teeth.

Who is not suitable for dental lumineers treatment?

Dental veneers are purely an aesthetic restoration option and so patients with certain conditions would be better suited to have crowns or veneers. Patients with cavities and other damages to the back side of their teeth could consider crowns, as the lumineers only protect the front of teeth. Patients that present these varying bite issues: a deep bite, class 3 bite, crossbite, and straight bite (when bottom and top teeth meet at the tip of the teeth). With these bite issues, the lumineers have a high probability to clash resulting in breakages and fractures.

If the patient took tetracycline medications as a child, their teeth are heavily stained and would be better suited to have dental crowns.

What cases are best suited for lumineers treatment?

The most ideal patients for dental lumineers treatment have small or large gaps between teeth (diastema), an uneven smile line, minor chipping, and are unable to improve the whiteness of their smile. Patients who have healthy teeth but aren’t comfortable with their smile that just require some minor changes that make a world of difference.

What are the benefits of dental Lumineers?

The greatest benefit of dental lumineers in Turkey is that it does not require invasive tooth preparation. This makes lumineer application and reapplication super quick and easy. It’s easy to see how dental lumineers can be such a popular option for dental tourists. Other benefits include:

  • Biocompatibility: The reaction of dental adhesive and lumineer ceramic material against the natural tooth and gingiva is minimal.
  • Strength: Due to the compression method in production and heat treatment, lumineers are incredibly durable
  • Thinness: Lumineers are 0.2mm in thickness which makes them feel incredibly natural.
  • Longevity: The expected lifetime of lumineers is between 15 to 20 years, and additional 5 years more than other crown/veneer materials.
  • Reversible: Lumineers are able to be removed without damaging the natural tooth. They’re also able to be replaced easily without causing damage.
  • Translucency: The ceramic glass material gives an identical translucency attribute to our natural enamel.
  • Enamel replacement: Enamel can become damaged by foods, beverages, and medicines. There is no healing the natural enamel
  • Cavity-proof: The surface of lumineer veneer is slippery and non-porous, rejecting bacteria and plaque to settle.
  • No anaesthetic required: the treatment is non-invasive

Although the lumineer is cavity-proof, the natural tooth underneath is not. Bacteria and plaque can attach between the gums and from behind the tooth. The back-side of the tooth is not covered by lumineer so proper dental hygiene is still required to avoid cavities.

What are the disadvantages of dental lumineers?

Dental lumineers are as thin as contact lens and so the translucency is maximised. This isn’t good news for discoloured or stained teeth. A full whiteness cannot be achieved in this case.

When cheap materials are used or the laboratory isn’t set up for compression method lumineers, chipping and fractures are more likely to occur. Dentares uses only high quality ceramic material and we use our own private laboratory. In this way, we are able to control the quality of every step of the manufacturing process.

What is the difference between lumineers and other veneer treatments?

Dental lumineers are sometimes mistakenly interchangeably used to describe other veneer treatments such as a dental veneer or laminate veneer. When in fact, lumineers are the only veneer option that does not require tooth preparation. Lumineers are also usually 0.2mm thick whereas laminate veneers can be between 0.3 and 0.5mm thick. Lumineers are made of a ceramic and then fired in an oven. Laminate veneer is made from porcelain and milled by the CAD/CAM method.

How long do dental lumineers last?

Dental lumineers in Turkey are incredibly durable for their thickness and material. The life expectancy of dental lumineers is up to 15-20 years. Provided that patients continue to use proper dental hygiene techniques and regular dental cleans. Lumineers are metal free so the colour is longer lasting than traditional metal veneers.

How do I take care of my dental lumineers?

After dental lumineer treatment in Turkey, patients should use a soft-bristled brush or square headed electric toothbrush. Frequent brushing 3 times a day after meals, regular flossing and use of non-alcoholic mouthwash is the recommended standard for personal oral hygiene. Patients should schedule regular check ups with their dentist every 6 months for a deep clean to get rid of hard to reach plaque and tartar. Be aware about the onset of sensitivity. This could be a warning about forming cavities. Increase oral hygiene practices to see a reduction in sensitivity. If it persists, it’s best to see a dentist.

Are dental lumineers good for oral health?

Dental lumineers are a great option to protect damaged enamel and reduce the risk of plaque forming. Bacteria and food particles slip off the ceramic surface and protect against acidic foods and beverages. For these reasons, dental lumineers in Turkey can be quite healthy for oral health.

How long does dental lumineers treatment take?

The dental lumineer preparation process is quick in Turkey, compared to other dental veneer preparations. Lumineers require no shaving or filing to the natural tooth so the dentist just needs to spend time with the patient and understand their needs, take measurements and impressions for a 3D model. The laboratory technicians work within the dentists measurements and requests to virtually create your lumineers. Once the virtual model is rendered thanks to CAD technology. The compression machine is loaded with ceramic material and produces each lumineer individually. The lumineer is then ready to be applied in a matter of 3 days.

Lumineers Dental Veneer treatment in Turkey

Smile makeovers in Turkey’s Dentares Smile Clinic offer all types of modern dental restoration methods. Dental crowns and veneers are two of our most popular cosmetic restoration treatments. Smile makeovers correct all sorts of oral health, cosmetic, and orthodontic issues. Dental lumineers in Turkey are provided within a small time frame compared to other clinics and countries. It’s a painless, non-invasive treatment designed to be the thickness of a contact lens. This makes the patient feel as though their smile is completely natural. Stained and discoloured teeth can be whited with lumineer treatment. Small chipping and gaps between your teeth can be corrected with lumineers quickly.

Dental Lumineer prices in Turkey

Dental Lumineers offer the best and only veneer restoration that requires no teeth prep. However, you want an artistic dentist that understands your needs and can manage a high quality smile makeover. Smiles are designed and manufactured by state of the art CAD machines, and the latest ceramic compression machines individually crafting each lumineer. Dentares doctors ensure the smile is made symmetrical and aesthetic taking into account your facial features like the curvature and fullness of your lips, nose and chin. Even gum and skin colour to enhance the shape, colour and style of your designer smile. All reasons why lumineers can be an expensive treatment and why it matters to choose a reputable clinic that cares for you.

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