How to Get My New Teeth Done in Turkey? | Dentares Smile Clinic 2022

Our lovely patient Claire gave an interview how to get her teeth done in Turkey at our clinic Dentares Smile and answered our questions sincerely, She wanted to inform people who want to come to Turkey for dental treatment.

She got a life touching All on 4 treatment at two visits. At her first visit, she had an implant treatment performed by our talented oral and maxillofacial surgeon Spc. Dt. Dincer Kader.

In this case, there are multiple tooth loss for this reason the All on 4 system applied to our patient as a functional and budget-friendly solution.

After the clinical and radiological examination, our surgeon decided where the implants will be placed and the size of implants, considering the location of the bone structure, nerves and blood.

After 3 months healing process, Claire came back for fitting of her new teeth at second visit.

This smile makeover is a life changing thing for her, that she shared her feelings about her previous smile and new life.

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