Patient complaints: Tony presented with 3 missing molars and a premolar which resulted in Tony using his front teeth for chewing. This wore down his front teeth creating a deep bite. 3 wisdom teeth were pushing his molars, creating misalignment in his functional bite. 1 infected premolar. Finally, Tony had unknowingly receded his gums on posterior teeth due to incorrect side-to-side brushing.


Treatment plan: Tony had 3 wisdom teeth and 1 premolar extraction and 4 Megagen® dental implants installed in the missing areas. Crowns will be built up to the extended gum line to protect the root and crowns extended to the natural smile line to correct true tooth length.

4 Tooth extractions

4 Megagen® dental implants

3 Root canal treatment

28 Zirconia crowns


Treatment time: 3 months


Result: Tony received implants to the missing areas so he can use the molars to chew comfortably. Teeth were built up to natural levels to accentuate a youthful smile. Tony had a couple of small bite issues that were immediately resolved with the use of full crown smile makeover and did not require orthodontic treatment. Tony is a great example of how implants can be utilised with full mouth crowns to create a complete smile makeover.

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